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According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs; to be happy, 5 main needs must be met. The second most important need after physiological needs is the need to be safe and secure. Because we all want to be confident in the safety of ourselves and our values in our daily lives.

Therefore, what we want to achieve is to provide you to be happy with the most appropriate and economical safety solutions for the safety of yourselves and your values.

ARTUSA has become very experienced in safety solutions and a specialist in engineering solutions with close cooperation with experienced partners and partnerships, research organizations and universities.

ARTUSA provides the most reliable solutions in the design and installation of natural hazard solutions for rockfall protection and barriers, slope stabilizations, debris flow barriers, landslide prevention and avalanche protection using mainly high tensile steel wire mesh systems.

ARTUSA solutions are based on high-tensile steel wire mesh systems. Steel wire mesh systems have proven themselves with high energy absorbing capacity, long service life, low maintenance requirements, and durability and they are the most reliable protection in applications.


Artusa has been providing the safest and performing solutions for rockfall protection, slope protection and stabilization, debris flow barriers, rockfall barriers, erosion, landslides, and avalanches, shotcrete applications at difficult access as well as underground/tunnel reinforcement for mining. Artusa has become one of the most successful of this field, with combining the vast experience in the installation of know-how, experience, and the best quality materials.

ARTUSA solutions are based on mainly high-strength steel wire mesh systems. High tensile steel wire mesh systems have proven themselves with high energy absorption capacity, long service life, low maintenance requirements, durability and the highest reliability in protection and stabilization applications. However, we also have vast experience using all kind of products in the market. We provide the correct engineering solutions, thanks to our scientific studies and broad site experience.


ARTUSA has started its work by combining the most accurate engineering calculations with the best use of products to implement projects that will protect the human, environment, and structures while aiming to realize projects that will increase the safety level. Behind the success of ARTUSA, there is a management approach based on the right engineering solutions, being customer-oriented, high-quality materials and efficiency.


As ARTUSA, we offer a complete safety package service to our customers in our applications. Our engineers, together with our customers, analyze the needs very well and use developing, up-to-date technology to implement a service that provides high-quality, reliable solutions which are practical, economical, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. We carry out these activities in a planned, systematic way following the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 10002: 2014, ISO 14001: 2015, OHSAS 31000: 2018 and ISO45001:2018 standards and we adopt the principles that are specified to improve ourselves continuously.

We value people and the environment...

We act with the basic principle of providing quality, economical, fast and easily integrated solutions to our customers by using materials and technologies that do not harm the environment and human health while protecting humans and nature.

We are for our customers first...

There is no standard solution for complex dangerous situations. For this reason, we first examine the current risk situation carefully and after evaluating the needs and expectations of the related parties, we develop new and special safety solutions. We always keep customer satisfaction at the highest level without compromising on quality.

We believe in sustainable quality and continuous improvement...

We monitor the performance of all our processes with our goals and continuously improve them in line with the needs and international standards. We work with the principle of maximum efficiency by ensuring that resources are used in the most efficient and planned way.

We're a dynamic team...

By continuously keeping the motivation of our employees, we ensure the continuity of the participation and sharing environment with the spirit of teamwork and create opportunities for the continuous development of technical and individual competencies.

Safety first...

We aim to work in a safe and healthy environment with zero accidents in the work environment.


Briefly, Artusa provides you with the best solutions in the below areas: Rockfall Protection Slope and Slope Protection Solutions Debris Flow and Landslide Control Solutions Avalanche Prevention Solutions Ground Support Mining Solutions Impact Protection Geosynthetic and Shotcrete Solutions.

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