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Artusa is working in finding causes of rock falls, rock slope stabilization programs, planning stabilization programs, rock slope inventory systems, hazard rating criteria, selecting of high priority sites, stabilization measures. We can provide the best options for stabilization or protection by any of the methods for rock reinforcement, shear keys, rock anchor, reaction wall, shotcrete, buttresses, drainage, shot-in-place buttress, stabilization by rock removal, resloping and unloading, trimming, scaling, rock removal operations. We try to find out which protection measures to be the best against rock falls via rock fall modeling such as ditches, barriers, rock catch fences and attenuators, draped mesh, warning fences, rock sheds and tunnels.


We can also assist you in monitoring types of slope movement, initial response, regressive and progressive movement, long-term creep, surface monitoring methods, crack width monitors, surveying, laser imaging, tiltmeters, global positioning system, synthetic aperture radar, sub-surface monitoring methods, borehole probes, time–domain reflectometry, inclinometers, data interpretation, time–movement and time–velocity plots.


We have very broad knowledge about slope failure mechanisms, rock slope protection, slope Roughening, terracing, and rounding, mulches, erosion control blankets, mats, anchor block slope stabilizations, anchors, gabions, micro pile slide stabilizations, sculpted shotcrete, soil nailing, buttress support, meshing, netting, rockfall barriers, rock slope collapse, shallow landslides, road slip, debris flow, river erosion, coastal erosion, road slope disasters, rockfall protection, slope stabilisation, rock bolting, rock scaling, rope access, rockfall mesh, steel grid netting, drill and blast, high tensile mesh


We have offices in Oman, GCC, Ghana, Turkey as registered contractor.


We want to share with you about our knowledge presented in articles and seminars..etc

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