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The innovation for temporary barriers and crowd direction systems
Many products, few solutions
When thousands of spectators and attendees gather at stadiums, arenas and theaters for special events, crowd control is always a top priority. Currently there are several crowd control products offered on the market; but they all have functioning, handling and storage disadvantages.

Although cheap to purchase or lease, these products incur considerable secondary costs. Not only do they require extensive storage, but they can also involve hours of installation. This drives up the operating costs and leaves you with a one dimensional solution, at best.
They all have limitations in use
The main problem with traditional systems is that they all originate from construction site management. They are simply not made for crowd control applications. Often they have base supports on which people can trip. Mesh sections which are waist-high can easily be climbed, others can be crawled under.

But the real difficulties arise when more complex securi-ty functions must be satisfied. For instance the separation of fans with rival loyalties. A simple sight screen is very effective here. But with traditional systems this is only ob-tainable at a high cost. And where these barriers are required regularly but are a disturbing feature after the event, handling often becomes a major issue.
The name of the solution is FENCEBOX® rollaway fence system

Geobrugg's rollaway fence FENCEBOX® is a complete system for both mobile and stationary use. The system consists of a lockable metal box, where up to 50 running meters of rollaway fence is housed. The base of the box contains a concrete slab to guarantee the necessary stability.

The integrated rollaway fence comprises the tried and tested high tensile mesh, a Geobrugg development made from high-tensile steel wire. It is significantly less massive than many barrier meshes but possesses the high strength as used for example in rockfall barriers.

The highlight of the FENCEBOX® rollaway fence system is that two people can easily erect and dismantle it in a matter of minutes. In spite of its high strength, High Tensile mesh gives way, making it difficult to climb.

In order to keep technical and catering areas hidden from attendees, a sight screen can be easily installed. Moreover, sponsor advertising material can be incorporated into the system at little cost.

As a special feature, in the case of regular but not permanent use, the support posts can be inserted into the ground with the socket system. After use, the posts can be remov-ed from the sockets and stored inside the metal box while the sockets are closed off with a cover.

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