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Slope Stabilization

1.Slope Protection/Netting

Slope netting is used extensively on unstable rock faces and slopes to contain and control rockfall, protect against the effects of erosion and when combined with other methods, to improve stability.

1.1 Passive Slope Protection/Netting (Drape)

In a basic installation, netting is used to contain loose material and control erosion where it is often fixed as a drape anchored at the top and bottom. This allows loose material to be either safely trapped behind the netting or fall harmlessly behind the netting to ground level. Slope/Rock netting drapes are frequently used as fast but temporary solutions.

1.2 Active Slope Stabilization (Protection/Netting)

By the calculated use of anchors, dowels, rock bolts and tensioned cable strapping, slope netting can be tightly contoured to the rock face such that potentially unstable rock units are restricted from failing and an even stabilising force can be placed into the slope. To do this well requires skill and experience. Artusa prefers to install slope netting in this option whenever possible, since fewer maintenance costs and increased safety levels.



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