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Artusa Engineering and Design Department

Global Provider of Professional Engineering and Design Services

Equipped with the knowledge and latest standards & technologies

Artusa Design and Engineering Department is built around the team of talented senior level engineers who equipped with the latest technology to offer real solutions. 


A wide range of services: 

  • Engineering and Design
  • Land and Aerial Surveys
  • Project Management 
  • Consultancy, Advisory 
  • Site Control and Quality Audits of Installation 
  • Training

An experienced qualified team using modern systems & international standards while providing high-quality services and considering principal customer satisfaction are the main key factors that led us to grow rapidly. 


Aerial Survey

Innovation in Science and Technology


  • Mass Movements Study 
  • Rockfall, Slide and Avalanche Monitoring 
  • Point Clouds 
  • Topography Map 
  • Aerial Photography 
  • Photogrammetry 
  • Remote Sensing Applications 
  • 3D Terrain Modeling 
  • Slope Stabilization Analysis 
  • Construction Monitoring and Inspections 


Today's advanced drones are equipped with 3D laser scanners that are used to understand and interpret the shape of things such as buildings or land by collecting precise clouds of points to create digital 3D models. These instruments are used by surveyors to provide data to designers to accurately visualise the land they are going to design on. 


Terrestrial Surveying 


  • General Survey
  • Topographic Maps 
  • Rapid 3D Data Collection 

The main surveying instruments in use around the world are the theodolite, measuring tape, total station, 3D scanners, GPS/GNSS, level. To determine proper data and for more accuracy, Artusa surveying department uses the latest technology of land surveying. 


Field Tests 

In-situ field testing consists of measuring the rock and soil parameters directly from job sites. This kind of method lets designers determine theirs consider parameter with the minimum touch to the specimens and with more accuracy. 

Scope : 

  • In-situ Schmitt Hammer Test 
  • Anchor / Bolts Pullout Tests for verification, proof 
  • Full-Scale Test for Rockfall Barriers in collaboration with Geobrugg AG 
  • Thickness Gauge 
  • Pressure Gauge 


Laboratory Tests 

Investigating the physical and mechanical characteristics of soils and rocks are the key parts of one proper design. To achieve this goal Artusa with the cooperation of well-known laboratories trying to carry the most accurate tests. 


  • Compressive Uniaxial and Triaxial Strengths for Rock Mass and Soil 
  • Physical and Index Tests 
  • Deformability Parameter Determination 
  • Strength Parameter Determination 
  • Aggregate Test 
  • Consolidation Characteristics 
  • Salt Spray Tests


Geological Studies 

A detailed and accurate knowledge inventory of geology is an essential part of construction and hazard analysis. The local geology of an area is important when planning a major construction. The full knowledge of geology increases the strength, stability, and durability of designs.


  • General Geological Study 
  • Determination of Geological Units 
  • Determination of Structural Geological Properties for Given Units 
  • Determining Engineering Geological Unit and Their Properties 
  • Detailed Discontinuity Studies According to ISRM 
  • Remote Sensing Data Analysis 
  • Kinematic Analysis 


Geotechnical Design 

The fundamental elements of the design process include the establishment of objectives and criteria, synthesis, analysis, construction, testing and evaluation. Thus, the prime purpose of engineering design is to apply scientific knowledge to the solution of technical problems. Natural hazard protection is an important consideration among the different options so the proper design to decrease natural disasters. 


  • General Data Evaluation 
  • Rockfall Problem Description 
  • Rockfall Design Theory 
  • Slope Instability Problem Description 
  • Slope Instability Design Theory 
  • Rockfall Simulation 
  • Slope Stability Design 
  • Avalanche Simulation and Design 
  • Debris flow Simulation and Design 
  • Propose Suggestion 
  • Rockfall System Specification 
  • Slope Stabilization System Specification 
  • Reference Projects 
  • Anchor Design 
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Quality and Corrosion Protection 
  • Alternative comparison 
  • Installation Method of statements 
  • Load testing 
  • Maintenance Plan 
  • Cost estimation 



Public Authorities

Local and Regional Authorities

• Ministries and Government Departments 

• Public Agencies 


Private Sector

• Investors and Developers 

• Industrial Groups. Construction Companies 

• Service Groups 

· EPC and Turnkey Contractors 

• Operators 

• Other Engineering Consultancies 

• NGOs 


An International company with a professional partner across the World during recent years, Artusa, expanded its activity internationally to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and East Asia. For the aim of this goal, Artusa has collaborated with well-known international companies.

Artusa has offices in Turkey, Oman, and Switzerland.

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