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Soil Nailing, Anchoring, Restricted / Difficult / Rope Access Drillings for Slope Stabilisation & Rockfall Protection

Our crew of certified (IRATA, SPRAT etc) rope access specialists trained in using drilling tools enables us to offer a wide range of soil nailing, anchoring and slope stabilisation services in restricted or difficult access places, that is to say free of height and reach. Acrobatic rigs including geotechnical drill rigs, mini-rigs, crane adapted remote controlled head rigs, track mounted crawlers rotary & rotary percussive units, soil nailing feed beams, for excavator attachment and mini-piling rigs with DTH or top hammer, auger capability. In addition our comprehensive design engineering services cover a wide range of slope stabilisation solutions.


Artusa scope of work includes;

  • Soil nailing using tracked rotary percussion drillers or feed beam attachments to crane for high reach 
  • Use of grouted hollow soil nails or solid bar soil nails
  • Rock anchoring and stitching for unstable rock slopes using acrobatic drillers, spider excavators, hand held drills, mini rigs, tracked rigs or rail mounted rigs
  • Ground anchors for retaining walls, basements, contiguous piles, shafts and other below ground structures under hydrostatic uplift pressure
  • In-situ reinforced concrete or steel plate anchor and soil nail heads
  • Provision of steel or geogrid, geotextile, geocell mesh systems for slope stabilisation, soil reinforcement, prevention of soil erosion, rock fall protection and establishment of vegetation
  • Gabion support structures and anchored gabion applications
  • Slope drains, crest drains, toe drains and cascade systems.
  • Drilled slope drainage systems and installation of drainage mats
  • In-situ concrete or grout slopes, rock slopes, epoxy glueing of rock slope for stabilisations, grouting of unstable rock slopes or collapse debris to improve strength and stability
  • Use of winching arrangements for drilling rigs working on steep or unstable slopes
  • Roof bolting in mines, headings using hand operated or feed beam mounted drills
  • Slope monitoring and borehole drilling for instrumentation - extensometers, inclinometers, piezometers, standpipes, surface pegs & precise levelling, placements of radar poles, installation of steel towers for poles.

What is...?

Rope Access Drilling

Restricted Access Drilling

Custom Built Drillers

Spider Excavator Drilling

Our certified and highly skilled team is trained on rope access drillings to quickly access places standard drills can not reach.

In locations where normal equipment can’t get to, our Spider or acrobatic drill rigs can be deployed.

Artusa can produce or customize its own drills for a variety of tasks including drilling on vertical rock faces.

There is almost nowhere this driller can’t reach. Our Spider Excavator can easily be deployed to drill on high angle slopes or difficult terrain.


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