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High Tensile Active Slope Stabilization using Shotcrete / Sprayed Concrete using Rope Access in Difficult Terrains at Height

Artusa is experienced in use of the concrete spray in slopes, alone or in combination with ground reinforcements like high tensile wire mesh, flexible slope stabilization measures, soil nails, ground anchors or rock bolts. Our shotcrete reinforcements are with high tensile wire meshes or with erosion control mat reinforced high tensile wire meshes.

One advantage of shotcrete for slope protection and stabilization is its big connected surface effect. The ability to provide an immediate cover in a wide area to avoid further erosion because of weathering. A shotcrete thin coat applied in an eroded area can mitigate deterioration of the exposed slope saving time for further mitigation remedial measures.

Another advantage of shotcrete is its ability to be applied to uneven slope surfaces. This is important when protecting or stabilizing natural slopes. Excavation or trimming work can be minimized.

Certain projects may require a combination of the various methods above to come up with a required solution. Artusa can provide the design, procurement and build requirements of clients to meet the expected quality needs.

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