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RXE-500-LA Rockfall Protection System

The RXE-500-LA rockfall barrier is the latest development from Geobrugg. This system protects against impact energies of up to 500 kJ with extremely low anchoring forces and uniform energy absorption to the boundary of the fence. Combined with a quick and simple installation this ring net barrier is both, cost-effective and efficient.


Rapid installation, the lowest anchor forces in its class and extreme cost-effectiveness. This rockfall barrier is the result of many years of research work and experience at Geobrugg. The system sets new standards with its uniform absorption capacity right up to the border fields and uniquely combines user friendliness, cost-effectiveness and best in class performance.

Low anchor forces - high efficiency

The innovative construction allows the rockfall energy to be dissipated particularly by the ring net panels and the brakes.

Suitable for single field solutions

The full absorption capacity of the border fields allow one-field barriers to be installed without any modification.

Safety without overlapping

The continuous capacity up to the boundary means that individual fences can be installed next to each other without any overlapping.


RXE-500-LA barriers boast the following features:

Ring net made of high-tensile steel

It offers an excellent strength to weight ratio and the safest protection net on the market.

Uniquely low anchor forces:

Short anchors are sufficient. This lowers the drilling time for the installations and thus considerably reduces the overall cost of the project.

One-field barriers with full absorption capacity

Modifications for short barriers are unnecessary: RXE-500-LA is a cost-effective one-field solution that is quickly installed.

Boundaries with full absorption capacity

As the capacity of the barrier is continous throughout its length cost intensive overlapping when installing multiple fences is not required.

Simple construction

The extremely simple and well-thought-out design gives a very fast installation combined with low material and maintenance costs.


The posts are delivered to the construction site as modules with pre-installed bundles of ring net for easy installation. This significantly reduces the installation time.

First-class corrosion protection

The corrosion protection of our systems will last for generations. This means that our customers benefit from particularly low maintenance costs.

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