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Suspension walkways are light structures that offer new routes for pedestrians and bicycles plus adding a particular touristic value to the area. Designed for environmental integration, they are ideal solutions for crossing rivers and valleys as well as for overcoming topographic difficulties.

Artusa has a multidisciplinary team of engineers and technicians to calculate and devise a custom project based on our own models or in collaboration with other companies, also taking into account which will be the optimal installation system according to the location of the footbridge.

With the commissioning of a new project, in our technical department we carry out an executive design of the elements, analyze the options of connection and transmission of the loads from the main cable to the ground, we look for the best connections of the main cable with the platform and the suspension hangers and, finally, we work with care the aesthetics aspects of the bridge so that it results in a structure that integrates and adds beauty to the space where it is located.

With the approval of the design, in our workshop we prepare the structure and manufacture the components of the suspended bridge. From the incatalogue parts to the special production of project parts, we are able to produce and assemble all gateway components in accordance with current EU regulations and the regulations of the country where it is installed. In Artusa,  we are experts in cable and we work with all the existing range in the market. We know this material, its properties and the ideal typology to get the best performance according to the needs of the project.

Finally, we install the bridge with our own and/or partners equipment or we supply all the necessary components to installation companies such as cable-pendulum and pendulum-structure junction clamps and rigid or flexible steel pendulum.





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